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HM-saw blade grinding machine up to Ø 1600 mm


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Suitable for automatic grinding of HM-saw blades on front and back in one clamping. All known Tooth geometries(flat-, changing-, trapezoidal tooth, and so on) can be grinded automatical in one 10.sequence of events

Condition: rebuild, diameter expanded, new painted

Up to 1600 mm diameter!

manufacturer: Vollmer
type: 1600 mm
year: 2012
saw blade diameter: bis 1600 mm
saw blade thickness: bis 14 mm

Accessories and Equipment

  • Fully enclosed
  • Device for central coolant port
  • Device for central exhaust
  • automatic central lubrication
  • grinding wheels
  • 2 magnetic recording blade
  • centerings

The machine has been checked by us, as well as the Geometrie was controlled and can be seen and tested under power in our stock.

Errors and omissions excepted.

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