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Filtersystem Zentrifuge Turbo Separator


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Complete full-automatic Filter system with centrifuge for cleaning of grinding oil for up to 180l/min, incl. 2.000L capacity, Level control, active Oil cooling and div. Supply pumps.

Производитель: Turbo Separator
Модель: VD 18 - 3400

Accessories and Equipment

  • automatic Turbo-Centrifuge T 18 A-04, performance 180L/min, 9,2 KW, up to 2 KG Mud discharge/h
  • relief valve
  • Clean Oil Reservoir ca. 1.200 L
  • Prevention Oil Reservoir ca. 800 L
  • Feed Pump 300 L/min, Special Pump for facilitation of Air-containing Oil
  • Feed Pump 62 L/min at 20 bar
  • Feed Pump 49 L/min at 35 bar
  • recooling Equipment with 21kW performance for active Oil cooling
  • Agitator for recirculation of the cleaned Oil
  • Temerature Control unit
  • pressure control valve for Grinding oil
  • Manometer Grinding oil
  • Pump for Motor cooling
  • noise protection
  • float switch for surveillance
  • Oil-collection-Pan
  • Control unit with free programmable Control Siemens SPS
  • Manuals

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