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Circular Saw Sharpener Schmidt Tempo model G 400


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For toothing and resharpening of HSS, segmental, friction and hot circular saw blades 
Saw blade diameter: Ø 20 to 400mm
Condition: Very Good. Technically rconditioned.

Производитель: Schmidt Tempo
Модель: G 400
диаметр / дисковых пилы: 20 bis 400 mm

Accessories and Equipment

  • Automatic infeed of the grinding wheel to the saw blade, max. Removal 4mm
  • Spark out with automatic shutoff
  • 1 saw blade clamping arm
  • Attachment for central dust exhaust
  • Noise reduction hood
  • Central lubrification
  • Grinding speed adjustment by FI
  • Saw blade clamping assembly Ø 185mm with 16mm centering bolt,
  • 1 set of centering rings 16 x 22, 27, 32, 40 and 50mm
  • Saw Blade clamping assembly Ø 80mm with 16mm centering bolt
  • 2 each grinding wheel clamping flanges
  • 10 each grinding wheels, various thicknesses
  • Halogen light
  • Quick change gear box SG5
  • Quick stop for fast setup of bevel adjustment
  • Manual
  • Set of tools

The machine has been checked by us, as well as the Geometrie was controlled and can be seen and tested under power in our stock.

Errors and omissions excepted.

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