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chip breaker - Grinding grooves STN 560


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new machine
machine is designed to grind chip breaking flutes in saw blades of ca. Ø 80 ? 560 mm by CBN / DIA ? grinding wheel; Ø 30 x 0,3 mm.

Производитель: Eble
Модель: STN 560
Год: 2012
диаметр / дисковых пилы: 80 bis 560 mm
Вес: 350 kg

Accessories and Equipment

  • 1 Blade support for Ø 80 ? 560 mm, pin 16 mm
  • 1 set of centre rings Ø 16 x 22, 27, 23, 40, 50 mm
  • Mobile coolant tank with filter paper, Level indicator and drain cock - effective cooling direct on grinding point
  • Encapsulation of the grinding area through Hood with big visor, opening supported by gas spring
  • Interior Lighting by big halogen lamp, 55 Watt
  • Color blue, RAL 5014
  • Functional structure:
  • Input of Number of teeth by large buttons
  • Blade thickness will be arranged by dial indicator
  • Pneumatic fixation of the saw blade against the supporting point (existing plan impact is offset by); no further fixing by Locknuts ect. - thus very fast blade changes.
  • Drive electrical by Timing Belt
  • Operating Speed is adjustable on Potentiometer, regulated by former frequency
  • Slowing the flow of work on blades in Intervention (long life of the CBN / DIA - disk)
  • accelerated changeover operation to the next tooth (fast cycle time)
  • Cycle time on tooth and total running time can be seen on display; standings at grinding can be seen any time
  • After run out of total running time maschine is automatically shut off
  • Spindle is operated by compressed air (400 L/min)

The machine has been checked by us, as well as the Geometrie was controlled and can be seen and tested under power in our stock.

Errors and omissions excepted.

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