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Hard Metal ? Saw Blade Sharpening Unit Schmidt Tempo AS-HM 250


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In excellent technical and visual conditions.

automatic re-grinding of tooth form 
lapping of surface (highest surface quality)
package grinding of surface is possible
steplessly adjustable speed
selection of tooth form by means of switch 
closed gear box, all parts in an oil bath
grinding spindle with precision bearing, driven by means of flat belt 
suitable for sharpening of hard metal circular saw blades and for milling cutters in accordance to DIN 1837/1838, tooth form A,B,C, in accordance to DIN 1840
painting RAL 6011 green

Производитель: Schmidt Tempo
Модель: As-HM 250
диаметр / дисковых пилы: 12 bis 250 mm
толщина / дисковых пилы: max. 14 mm
Мощность привода: 1 kW
рабочaя подача: 15 bis 50 Zähne/min
cutting angle: 0 bis 15 °
clearance angle: 0 bis 30 °
Размеры BxTxH: 105 x 85 x 153 cm

Accessories and Equipment

  • automatic feeding with clean grinding
  • cooling agent unit
  • halogen lamp
  • different saw blade supports
  • 1 set of eccentric rings 16 x 20, 27, 32, 40

The machine has been checked by us, as well as the Geometrie was controlled and can be seen and tested under power in our stock.

Errors and omissions excepted.

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