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Saw Blade Grining Machine Schmidt Tempo ASG 2000


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For toothing and resharpening of HSS, segmental, friction and hot circular saw blades 
Condition: Very Good. Completely rebuilt and reconditioned (new paint)

Üretici: Schmidt Tempo
Model: ASG 2000
Testere çapı: 315 bis 2050 mm
Testere kalınlığı: max. 20 mm
Dis yüksekliği: 1 bis 50 mm
Motor gücü: 4,5 kW

Zubehör und Ausstattung

  • Saw blade clamping assembly Ø 250mm with 32mm centering bolt and hydraulic clamping nut
  • Manual grinding wheel dressing device for radii or angle profiles
  • 1 saw blade clamping arm
  • 1 set of centering rings 32mm x 40, 50, 80 & 100mm
  • Grinding wheel clamping flange Ø 150mm x 32mm bore
  • New operators panel with touchpad
  • Connection for central dust exhaust
  • Change gear quadrant with standard set of change gears
  • Central lubrication on the saw blade carriage
  • Special Option ? Drive motor controlled through frequency inverter

The machine has been checked by us, as well as the Geometrie was controlled and can be seen and tested under power in our stock.

Errors and omissions excepted.

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